Machia Bio Park, Jodhpur

The vision of the Machia Biological Park is to create an opportunity for the citizens of Jodhpur to have a biological park very close to the city in Machia Forest Block of 604 ha. near Kayalana lake. Jodhpur is having a tradition of very good in-situ conservation. The vision is to create one of the best example of ex-situ conservation and at the same time the best tourist spot of Jodhpur. Machia Biological Park will also create the awareness on the importance of conservation of flora and fauna for the benefit of the future generation in addition to the conservation of gene pool of the endangered species of wild animals of the region.

Machia Biological Park was conceptualized in the year 1982-83. It is located 8 kms away from Jodhpur railway station on the western side of Jodhpur. This park is basically the satellite zoo of old heritage zoo of Jodhpur. Machia Biological Park has an area of 41 ha. out of 604 ha area of Machia Forest Block. Legal status of Machia forest block is Protected Forest notified vide notification no. II9(6) forest/90 dated 01-07-1990 under the Rajasthan Forest Act 1953.

  • To educate and sensitize the visitors by displaying the wild animals.
  • To develop the empathy towards wild animals among the people.
  • To offer an excellent opportunity to the people to be in nature with animals.
  • To provide recreational activities through interpretation centre.
  • To serve as gene pool for future biological research on wild animals and to facilitates education studies on behaviour and breeding of different animals.
  • To create conditions for captive conservation and breeding of endangered species of wild animals.

Topography :
The area is mainly rocky composed of Rhyolite having undulating ground, numerous man made water bodies like Kaylana lake, Takhatsagar lake, Akheraj lake etc. This area has low soil quantity & if soil is present it has low soil depth.

Vegetation :
The natural vegetation in Machia Biological Park is dry scrub forest consisting of scanty tree cover of species like Acacia senegal, Prosopis cineraria,Prosopis juliflora, Capparis decidua, Zizyphus nimmularia, Commiphora wightii etc. This zone receives low rainfall as a result of that scarce vegetation is the peculiar feature of this area.

Enclosures in Machia Biological Park :
Machia Biological Park will have 20 enclosures of wild animals specially found in this region. These wild animals are listed as follows-
Three big cats namely Tiger, Lion and common Leopard. Three herbivores are Cheetal, Chinkara and Black-buck. Crocodile, Gharial, Spiny tailed Lizard, Monitor Lizard belong to Reptilian order. Other mammal species are Jackal, Striped hyena, Indian Fox, Desert Fox, Jungle Cat, Desert Cat,Hedgehog, Porcupine, Sloth Bear and Indian Wolf.

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